Micro-Modal vs Cotton: Which is better suited for underwear

While shopping for gents innerwear we are usually evaluating fabric, style, colors, fitting, etc. Here, fabric plays an essential role in providing you the desired comfort. While gent’s innerwears are produced in various fabrics, Indian innerwear market is dominated by two fabrics: Micro modal and Cotton. Cotton has been the most dominant fabric for apparels […]

Moods and ways to carry Track Pants!

Track pants have always been underrated must-haves of the wardrobe. Somewhere between leisurewear and sportswear, Track Pants are great all-rounders that work in almost every situation.  For leisure look, there is nothing new as they have been making a statement in this category since quite long but making it a fashion statement is something that […]

Plus Size Joggers for Women

Work from home has been the latest trend in 2020.  Work, sit back, and relax is what 2020 has come up with. To increase your productivity we have come up with some really stylish and comfortable joggers for women.  But here comes the twist, which is that Marca Disati has come up with its new […]

Style Up With Marca: Trousers

A bottom plays a major role in styling up an outfit. They are the most complementing accessory one can add to an upper wear. Some interesting silhouettes of bottom can uplift the attire in seconds whereas; some boring ones can make it boring too.  Your entire look for different occasions and events depends majorly on […]

All Day Long – Comfortable Fashion

Hi all, Let us start with a famous saying, “Fashion is comfort and comfort is fashion”. What we literally target here are those times when you must have experienced getting all dressed up for the event and cannot wait to return back home and get back to your PJs? It’s such a relief and satisfaction to […]

5 ways to style Polo t-shirts

Summers are mainly tough to dress sharp because it’s hot out there. You are limited to very few articles of clothing; you can’t layer up your ensemble as much as you like. It’s a tough season. Well, polo T-shirts can definitely turn these difficulties around. Polo t-shirt is a super versatile article of clothing. You […]

Jumpsuit styles for your everyday needs

Something that was worn by skydivers as a one-piece convenience garment, has now taken over the fashion industry by a storm. Jumpsuits have slowly yet steadily become the go-to attire for women belonging to different age groups and different body shapes. The first and foremost thing that catches the attention of so many women worldwide […]

Top 3 Trousers of the season and how to style them

When it comes to fashion, women are spoilt for choices and one thing that gives a fearless yet exquisite look is trousers. Over the years there has been a huge trouser evolution. From high waist pants to Palazzo pants, the trouser game has a wide variety and we bet you will fall in love with […]

Best 5 Summer Trends to Don in 2020

We’ve spent almost half of 2020 quarantined at home. It has been a pretty weird, confusing, and frustrating year given the pandemic situation. Still, we are finding joy in daydreaming about the places we’ll go to. But, most of us are looking forward to having fun with fashion by exploring and experimenting with new trends […]

Top 3 Ways For Women to Style Formal Pants

With the vertiginous array of pants styles available out there now for all genders (long gone are days where women only wore skirts), let this guide help you navigate those clothes racks, and how to style your new purchases to your advantage. Let us help you style those formal pants for women in both work […]